Lighting & Technology 

Lighting is one of the fastest ways to change any space, interior or exterior. It allows people to you use living spaces longer, it enhances visibility and therefore safety, and you can highlight unique features on a home or in a landscape.


Our Services:

  • Landscape Lighting

    • Pergolas

    • Fire Pits

    • Pool Exteriors

    • Walkways & Stairs

    • Decks

    • Plants

    • Bars & Outdoor Kitchens

    • Artwork & Sculptures

    • Retaining Walls


  • Architectural Lighting

    • ​Home Fascades

    • Signs

    • Interior Lighting Design




Accent Lighting

Functional Lighting

Highlight the Interesting Stuff
Accent lighting can be used almost anywhere. It is a great way to highlight interesting features in a home or landscape. You could probably say almost any time of lighting is accent lighting if it is not used to light the whole area.
Lighting Spaces
Functional lighting is intended to help define space and make sure that it can be used as it was intended. Examples of this would be lighting on pergolas, overhead structures, bars, etc. These can also serve as accent lights.

Safety Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Safe Passage
Safety lighting is just like it sounds. It is lighting that helps illuminate areas to help for safe passage. Examples of this would be path lights, stair lights, yard lights, street lights, pool edge lights, motion lights, etc. These lights, although intended for safety can also be for aesthetics.
Making a Grand Statement
Architectural lighting is a great way to showcase your home or business. This lighting is a type of accent lighting and safety lighting because it highlights unique features along the home and also improves safety and visibility around the home.
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