Step-by-Step Process

All projects are unique, but as a design company, we aim to follow a systematic yet layered design process. Below is an abbreviated description of the process for a typical residential design-build project.


What can we help you with?

After you have contacted us, we will schedule a meeting so that one of our designers can meet with you to discuss your desires and goals for the project. This meeting is typically a 1 hour long meeting at the project site or at our office.


The goal of this meeting is to figure out how we at Savanna Studios can help you. In order for us to do this we need to know what your objectives or goals are. We will do a walk through with you so that we can better understand the site and what you are describing to us. This also allows to ask any early questions about the site. If we feel that it is a project where our services are needed than we will discuss budget and timeline. If we feel that you do not need our services or it is a project that we typically do not do than we will let you know. We want to give you the best possible project and will be honest with you if we do not feel comfortable taking it on.


If our services are needed we will prepare a formal proposal for design services and present it to the you for approval.  Once the the proposal is signed and approved we can begin the design process. 


Site Assessment

We will measure and photograph the site to prepare a base plan of your property to use in the preparation of the Design Plan. During our site visit we will assess drainage and grading issues, location of utilities, what existing vegetation there is and the soil type, views from the home, site lines around the property, where there is sun and shade, the style of architecture on site or in the neighborhood, and how the site functions currently.

Every project is different and requires individual attention. We want the project to run smoothly with as little complications as possible. The best way to do that is to know each project site the best we can. The clients should inform us of any existing conditions that they think may interfere with the work being done and we will do our best to describe our process and what will be happening. We are here to assist you to the best of our ability and keep everything on the table.




Conceptual Design

The first step after meeting with you is to give a rough design sketch whether that be a plan or perspective that can help you visualize what we think you want based on our discussion. This is often a hand drawn sketch that is done on site or immediately following the meeting. Once we all agree and are on the same page we will take the notes and photographs back to our office to create a design or multiple designs if you chose. 


​These designs can be anything from a more defined handsketch to a 3D model. The choice is yours. We enjoy giving the client a look into their future space by creating a model of the space that we can walk you through and allow you to visualize what the space could look like. We will do whatever it takes to help you understand the design before approved for installation.


During this design process we will be giving the client estimates showing what each design scenerio will cost. This also helps the client gage what direction the design will go and whether it works with their budget. Once the design and estimate is agreed on, we will have the client sign a contract and put a deposit down so that we can order materials and get the project on the construction schedule.




Before construction begins we will make sure of does and don'ts. We will make sure we know where we can and can't drive machinery if needed. We will ask where we can store materials when delivered, and even where the most convenient place is for our workers and subcontractors to park during the day. Sometimes neighbors can have issues with these things and we like to keep everyone happy during the project. 


Our foreman/designers will be in constant communication with you through out the installation process. It is important to us that you stay informed of the process. Anytime something is not of your standards please let the foreman know so that we can try to get it taken care of. Throughout the project we will do our best to keep the jobsite clean. This can be hard at times because large projects take large machines and lots of traffic. Access to the project location may require us to use the neighboring driveways/properties if possible. We will do our best to protect your property and neighbor's property from any and all damages. Everyday we will clean up the site before we leave. We want to maintain a safe project site and work and environment throughout. At the end of the project all debris and materials will be removed. The driveways and walkways will be swept and any damages done during the construction that were a result of us will be repaired before the job is complete. We only want the best for our customers.



Client Relations

Our foreman/designer will walk through the project during construction and after completion. Any items not to your expectations will be taken care of right away. If the item that needs to be changed was previously agreed upon, there may need to be a change order depending on the amount of work it takes to fix it. We want you to have your dream project. 


It is our goal to assist you in whatever way possible on the project, even after completion. This should not be the end of the relationship. We encourage you to call us at any time with specific questions that may arise. ​

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