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Landscape, Design-Build, Landscaping, Bar, Outdoor Kitchen, Sun Room, 4 Seasons Room, Patio, Johnston, Urbandale, Ankeny, Fire Pit, Iowa, IA

Our Work

Here at Savanna Studios we enjoy working on many different types of projects. The four studios below are what make up our company and how feel best describes the work we do. Many of our projects overlap into several or all of the studios because they involve many different features. Being able to do both interior and exterior design-build allows us to make a more complete coehesive design for our clients. We want to make sure that all elements work together. Things like making sure the lighting outside accents the home and the landscape or that the the new patio and pergola does not affect the views or sunlight from inside the home. Being a smaller design-build company allows for full collaboration among all of our designers and builders, which we feel makes for a better end result on our projects. Please take some time to browse all of our studios by clicking on the photos below.

Our Studios

[Click on Images to View Individual Studio Projects] 

Landscape Design-Build
Architectural Design-Build


Lighting | Technology


Product Design | Engineering


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